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We are here to walk alongside people in recovery

from mental illness through our groups,

training and support.

You may not have a diagnosis, or you may already

have a care team around you.

Wherever you find yourself, we want you to

know that living well in recovery is possible.




The Recovery Foundation® came about from my own journey through mental illness. In 2007 I was diagnosed with Schizo-Affective Disorder and needed several hospital stays before I was able to be treated at home.

Not only was I very unwell, but I was also hopeless. Life became about surviving from one day to the next.

Now, over 10 years on, things are very different. I  am no longer on a cocktail of medication and no longer am I held in chains by my mental illness. I am recovering.

My key to all this?


Finding Hope.

Founder’s Introduction

Please watch this video to find out more about our Founder, Emma Sithole, and her journey from crisis to recovery.

Mighty Oak Model of Recovery:

The Recovery Foundation® bases its materials and resources around the Mighty Oak Model of Recovery.

The Mighty Oak Model of Recovery is made up of 7 stages. Each stage has a different theme following an acorn on its journey to a Mighty Oak tree.

This is a recovery model that has been created from the lived experience of Emma, the Founder, and has its roots in recovery literature and research.


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