Hope In Recovery

by | May 24, 2019

Hope Group is a 4 week group for people who are feeling low in hope.

Hope in Recovery uses the ‘Mighty Oak Model of Recovery’ as its foundation and from which the 7 themes for each week emerge.

The 7 themes include:

  1. Crisis – a deeper look into what it feels like to be in crisis and how hope can be considered within this
  2. Question – an exploration of symptoms and the emotions connected to low hope
  3. Breakthrough – how we can allow hope to grow
  4. Responsibility – understanding that choice is important within our recovery
  5. Acceptance – when we face other challenges or have a set-back how we can overcome this and turn it into a positive.
  6. Growth – allowing ourselves to forgive and move forwards
  7. Giving – as our recovery journey continues how can we spread hope to others?

Hope is free – just as it should be!


The Hope in Recovery group is free for individual participants.

We run groups online using Zoom or in person.


You can find out more by filling in the contact form and we will get in touch with details on when and where your nearest course is taking place.

Everyone who takes part is sent a beautiful Hope Journal to use alongside the group.


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    What are people saying?

    ‘I really enjoyed the Hope Group – it felt like a breath of fresh air. I came away feeling energised and inspired.’
    Hope Group Participant

    ‘…as I opened up, it was met with complete acceptance and understanding by the group.’
    Hope Group Participant

    ‘It has reinforced the idea that I am more than my illness. It has improved my confidence and self-esteem. I came away every week looking forward to the next session.’

    Hope Group Participant

    ‘I think that this will help people to understand how hope is a vital factor in recovery and how to keep nurturing that hope.’

    Hope Group Participant

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