Hope In Recovery

Hope in Recovery is a 7 week group intervention for people who are feeling mentally unwell or like they have low hope.

Based within the Recovery Model approach, the group is designed to be facilitated by service users (referred to as ‘experts by experience’ within the Recovery Model framework) who can deliver this ‘off the shelf group resource’ with no previous experience of running groups (Repper & Perkins, 2003).

There already exists a well developed theoretical framework supporting the concept that service user peer support and autonomy within mental health aids recovery.

Hope in Recovery uses the ‘Mighty Oak Model of Recovery’ as its foundation and from which the 7 individual topics for each week emerge.

The 7 weeks include:

  1. Crisis – a deeper look into what it feels like to be in crisis and how hope can be considered within this
  2. Question – an exploration of symptoms and the emotions connected to low hope
  3. Breakthrough – how we can allow hope to grow
  4. Responsibility – understanding that choice is important within our recovery
  5. Acceptance – when we face other challenges or have a set-back how we can overcome this and turn it into a positive.
  6. Growth – allowing ourselves to forgive and move forwards
  7. Giving – as our recovery journey continues how can we spread hope to others?

Buy Hope In Recovery Package

The Hope in Recovery package is available to purchase and contains all you need to be able to run your group. Extra journals are also available for larger groups.

The Hope in Recovery package contains the following:

  • Hope in Recovery Facilitator Manual with resource downloads
  • 10 Hope Journals
  • An annual licence to deliver the material

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