Creative Arts Programme

Art in Parks: How it began…

In September 2021 we ran our pilot 4 week Art in Parks group. 

Funded through The National Lottery Connections Fund we were able to offer 16 free places to participants in Erdington who wanted to learn a new skill, enjoy nature and improve their mental wellbeing. 

Our Art in Parks pilot was incredibly successful and so we set about designing a full 12 month Creative Arts Programme starting in 2022.

Below you can watch our Art in Parks video to see what we got up to.


Our Creative Arts Programme includes:

Journeying through Journaling – a 6 week course, using art journaling as a tool to tell your story.

Art in Parks – a 6 week course, combining nature and art to promote wellbeing and mindfulness

Urban Art – a 6 week course, a focus on more abstract art including textures inspired by our city

All our courses are free to attend and you will be provided with all the materials needed to complete the course.

If you would like to find out more about our Creative Arts Programme please get in touch and we will be happy to help.